Alaska's​ KAAATs!

Alaska's KAAATs/Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant-

AC​CBC/Pet Loss & Bereavement Certified Counselor/PURRtography

Alaska’s KAAATs began as a Facebook page that Paw-Prints, Howls, and Purrs created to advocate for the cats of our Alaskan community back in 2013. This cat is named Chy & he was adopted from a shelter over 5 years ago. He was our insPURRiration to help shift the PURRspective of how cats are seen, to show how they are the most beautiful & special of friends. CHY was a painfully shy boy who we worked with for 5 months while he was at the shelter. We, as advoCATes did all we could to help his time there be one that would help build his confidence, show him that people can be trusted, provided him with enrichment activities & TLC until the day he chose his loving home.

As time went on, our page began to grow worldwide & was being recognized for the exceptionally beautiful cats, uniquely-written & individualized backgrounds created for each cat & the advocacy work we were doing. Therefore we felt our page should become more & we moved towards becoming a registered 501(c)(3). We were hoping to integrate Alaska’s KAAATs into our other organization, Mojo’s Hope, however, the state would not allow that. On July 22, 2015, Alaska's KAAATs officially incorporated with the State of Alaska. We filed for our 501(c)(3) paperwork with the IRS and received our letter of determination on 8/12/15, with our acceptance date of 7/22/15.

     Alaska's KAAATs is not a shelter or a rescue, we are volunteers that aim to promote Advocacy, Awareness, Adoptions & Happy Kitty Tails for cats in our Alaskan Community & advoCATe for all of our feline friends throughout the world. We are so grateful for all of the support of the cats we share with you. We help share the cats of our community in the most positive light possible. Some of the cats are available for adoption at local shelters, others are in foster with various rescue groups like Mojo’s Hope (our partner organization), & other groups we volunteer with. Our main goal is to eduCATe, advoCATe & provide support for the cats & the people of our community. Our other goal is to provide beautiful photos that represent the cats' spirits & purrsonalities in hopes of helping them connect with the PURRfect homes.

     As a life-long animal lover, volunteering and working in animal welfare for over 20 years, I have been passionate about what can be done to help these animals, in the most positive and beautiful way. I have always enjoyed photography, however I did not realize the impact it would have on the lives of the animals I have met through different outreach visits, those that I interact with daily and those who are looking for homes. Working with homeless animals provided me with the opportunity to apply my skills to capture their beauty and promote adoptions. I strive to represent each animal in a very positive way, reflecting their true purrsonalities, a "force-free" method of photography so that their adopters can imagine them happy & healthy in their loving home. Each animal shows their true spirit, despite the circumstances they are in or coming from. Each precious fur angel shows how to persevere, how to overcome challenges and how to let things go. It is their resilient and beautiful nature that I strive to represent in each and every photo. They teach me so much day in and day out. I feel very fortunate to have these opportunities to help animals in need. I hope you can see the love in their hearts through their eyes and antics.

     Alaska's KAAATs is also a resource for education, lost cats, cat behavior, Pet-loss Counseling, transition into the home and more. We have several user friendly brochures to assist our community even further. We appreciate all the wonderful and genuine organizations in our community that work together for the welfare of the cats! 

Mojo's Hope is a Rescue Group for Animals with Special Needs who is an all volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

All of the information below is available as individual brochures. If you are interested in receiving any of these for yourself, your Rescue, your Shelter, or Vet Clinic, please email us at [email protected]

Emergency Preparedness!

Be Prepared!!

We think it can’t happen to us, but no one is immune and it is imperative for everyone’s safety to be prepared for whatever disaster may strike — earthquake, fire, tsunami, volcanic eruption, etc — by assembling an emergency kit for your pets and you. Keep your pets extra safe with up-to-date tags and microchips, which can be essential in a disaster in which a pet may become separated from you.

A typical pet emergency kit should include:

  • Pet first aid kit (available online)
  • Litter and disposable pans
  • One pet carrier per pet
  • Extra leashes and collars/harnesses
  • Food and water bowls
  • Two weeks’ worth of extra medication if your pet requires regular treatment (replace regularly so it doesn’t expire)
  • Blanket
  • Photocopies of your pets’ medical records
  • Recent photos of your pet

Disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, the public water supply may be contaminated or disrupted. For this reason, all emergency kits should include at least a seven-day supply of bottled water, in addition to three days’ worth of nonperishable food items for you and your pets. For a full list of emergency supplies for earthquake preparedness, visit the Centers for Disease Control website.


Lost Your Pet?

Alaska's KAAAT's is a certified MAR (Missing Animal Response) Technician through the Missing Pet Partnership Organization.

The new website to visit is the Missing Animal Response which has the most explicit and helpful information on lost dogs and cats. 

Behavior Support

Alaska's KAAATs is always on the search to expand our knowledge and to be able to provide further behavioral support for the cats of our community and their people. Therefore our founder/president pursued the rigorous program through the IAABC, The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants ( We are very happy and humbled to share that as of December 17, 2017, she has been accepted into the program and is now an Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant. Our goal with this certification is to continue to build our knowledge base and to be a local resource for various cat behaviors.

Alaska's KAAATs founder has worked with a variety of behaviors over the past 20 years, however, we specialize in shy, unsocialized, and fearful cats. Alaska's KAAATs also offers support for transitions into the home (before and after adoption from the local shelter or rescue group), support for adopters before and after adoption, lost cats, and more. We have created user-friendly brochures that are on our website, for our local community along with educational videos, with plans to make more to further help in the best way possible. We are very excited to go on this journey and to continue to learn more ways to help out our feline friends.

How to Help Your Cat(s) Relax After a Crisis

Recently Alaska had the second-largest Earthquake that really shook us all up. Our pets are easily affected by this trauma and need our comfort. These are some suggestions that can be utilized after any crisis that may occur to help them relax and focus on something else.

-We always suggest utilizing the wonderful music program created by @icalmpet. This program specializes in helping to calm your pet. They have three separate choices for cats, Calming, Noise Phobias, and Stimulation. These can be found on their website:

-We suggest if they are hiding, to put their food/water, an extra litter box, a hidey box, and a “Comfort Companion” with them. They will come out when they feel safe again. Do not force them to come out.

-Play Therapy and Enrichment Time can be very beneficial especially when they need to be distracted. Pull out the toys they love the most, play several times a day. If an aftershock happens, talk to them calmly and with a “happy” tone and continue to play or encourage playtime.

-Treat time: Now is the time to pull out the extra special treats they enjoy. You want to try to use this when they come out. We want them to feel they are safe and secure.

-Read to them with a calm, regular tone. Hearing your voice in a “normal” manner will help them to feel further comforted.

-Offer lots of cuddles, snuggles and your attention. It is important to remain calm, they pick up on our energy. They rely on us for their comfort and security.

-The use of cat pheromones such as Feliway and/or ThunderEase can also assist in creating a calming environment.

-Watch something funny! Relaxing your mind and having a good laugh will help your cats to relax too!

Continue to monitor their habits; eating, grooming, litter box use, etc. The stress from the earthquake may impact them in a way that isn’t obvious.