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Purrlease join us on the third Wednesday each month from 7:00-7:45 for our Pet Loss & Bereavement Private Chat Room.

This is a Private Chat Room available for Pet Owners. This chat room is available for whatever support you may need. The same link will be available and when you join, it will remain private and anonymous. We ask that when you join you use a nickname and leave your cameras off. This will continue to be a safe and private place where pet owners can join for support.

The next Purrls of Wisdom ​will be New Year's Eve Purreparation Tips for You and Your Pet. This will be held on 12.12.21 at 1:00 pm AKST.

Purrls of Wisdom

Alaska's KAAATs Journey to Become a Non-Profit Advocacy Organization

Alaska's KAAATs filed our 501(c)(3) paperwork with the IRS so that we could officially gain non-profit status which we officially received on 8/12/15, dated back to 7/22/15. This page, now a recognized advocacy organization, helps share the cats of our community as much as possible in the most positive light. We provide beautiful photos that represent each cats' spirit and purrsonalities, in hopes of helping them find wonderful homes. We advoCATe for senior cats, cats who have repeatedly shown up at the shelter, long-timers, or those with significant special needs, be it behavioral or medical. We advoCATe for humane alternatives for declawing and are willing to offer guidance and education in this area and other behavioral concerns. 

We hope you can see the love in their hearts through their eyes and antics. Photos on the page are taken by Paw-Prints, Howls, and Purrs! unless otherwise noted. Many of the cats are available for adoption at Alaska Humane Society (Adopt-a-Cat), others are in foster with various rescue groups including ones I foster for. The photos are taken with lots of TLC, as each fur angel needs to be presented in the most beautiful way possible, representing each PURRecious spirit, PURRfectly.

     As the founder of Alaska's KAAATs, I am always on the search to expand my knowledge and be able to provide behavior support for cats and their people. Therefore I pursued the rigorous program through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I am honored and humbled to share that as of December 17, 2017, I have been accepted into the program and I am now an Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant-ACCBC. This certification provides me with the unique opportunity to continue my learning (always more to learn) and share my knowledge with the community. With this certification, I plan to continue to be a local resource for various cat behaviors and support for the community. I have worked with a variety of behaviors over the past 20 years, however, I specialize in shy, unsocialized, and fearful cats. I also offer support for transitions into the home (after adoption from the local shelter or rescue group), support for adopters before and after adoption, lost cats, and more. I have created user-friendly brochures (more on the way) that are on our website for our local community along with educational videos. 

    Mojo's Hope and Alaska's KAAATs is also a certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor and offers counseling support and more to our PAWspice Community Program. This includes a weekly online private chat group held every Wednesday at 7 pm AKST. Click on the Page on top to learn more about our Pet Loss and Bereavement Services.


Alaska's KAAATs CAT-alog!

Alaska Kitty Advocacy Awareness Adoption and Tails!!

Alaska's KAAATs, InsPURRirational, EduCATional CAT AdvoCATes!

Our mission is to AdvoCATe, EduCATe, promote awareness, and adoptions for the cats of the Alaskan community with a focus on special needs and the people who care about them.

Purrls of Wisdom

Alaska’s KAAATs is adding to our list of services a monthly online group session to discuss various cat topics from behaviors, enrichment, daily life with your cats to various medical conditions (though we will not provide medical advice, we will offer support and guidance), you name it and we will do our best to cover it! Our goal is to have different topics every other week and we will have a ZOOM link set-up for visitors to join us (we can have up to 100 people)! Our future goal with this is to be able to invite exPURRts in the field to share their purrls of wisdom and help our cat-loving community even more! Be sure to click on the Purrls of Wisdom page above to learn more!

You can also visit our Instagram account, for more of our advoCATcy work! 


Alaskan PURRtography

​Capturing PURRfect moments of purrecious fur angels is a magical part of my life. When each one allows me to look into their eyes, deep into their souls, and allows me to share them through photos, it is uniquely special. Working with various animal welfare organizations provides me various environments to work with these animals. My primary focus is on cats, although I do work with dogs too. The cats for whom I advoCATe are either in rescue or rehoused in shelters. The cats are looking for homes, are in a purrever foster situation or are part of an end-of-life PAWspice program.

  Why cats? Throughout my 20+ years in animal welfare, I saw the unique need to bring additional awareness about the beauty of our feline friends. Cats are uniquely special creatures who need strong advoCATes, to help further eduCATe and to help others see how special they are. I started Alaska’s KAAATs as one small way to help advoCATe. What I didn’t anticipate was the positive impact it would have in the cat community. As time went on, our page began to grow worldwide and was recognized for the exceptionally beautiful cats and uniquely written and individualized backgrounds for each purrecious cat. We moved forward to become a registered non-profit cat advocacy organization so we could continue our efforts to advoCATe for the cats of our Alaskan community, the people, and our feline friends around the world.

 I feel so blessed to have these opportunities to work with purrecious animals, as they give so much of their hearts. Earning their trust and rebuilding their faith in people is the main focus of our interactions. I am proud to be one of many who is their voice. I am also very grateful for the supportive folks who understand and share my passion. You are greatly appreciated!

Please visit our Facebook pages: Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs!, Mojo's Hope, and Alaska's KAAATs for more animals looking for homes, advocacy info, and Happy Tails! 

PAWever Loved: Our Fur Friends Final Chapters

In honor of all the loving fur angels we have lost, I am adding to my photography business Paw-Prints Howls and Purrs! sessions for seniors and/or end of life sessions for pets who are getting ready to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Death can be such an uncomfortable topic for many people. I think it's important to see it, this last stage, and demystify it, make it less scary and sad while honoring the ones we love.

My hope is this will help many to heal and honor the ones they love dearly.

All photographs appearing on this site are the property of Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs©! They are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs! Copyright 2013 Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs! All Rights Reserved.

HarPURR and Cinder's Special Story

                                         Cinder and HarPURR featured on The Dodo!

My goal is to maintain and strengthen the positive bond between you and your family member, to help unwanted and homeless animals connect with the most special of families, provide behavioral support may it be with training, behavior shaping (proactively), advocacy, or capturing their beauty with PURRtography and Pet Loss & Bereavement Services for those in need!

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